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2013 ALES #1   Saturday April 27, 2013 - RESULTS

The first MOSS ALES of 2013 series was great fun, We had an outstanding turn out of 15 pilots, two had never flown ALES before. One was Skye Malcolm JR flying a Radian and our youngest contestant. The other was Ron Mong a veteran TD pilot.

Special thanks to John Karnes who did most of the scoring and Al Schmidt who got the pilots to the flight line and supervised the launching of each flight group. Once again the hot dogs were great thanks to Grill Master Mark Groves.

Final Results:

1 Paul Weise flying Pike Perfect 6005.87
2 Gilbert Perez flying Pulsar 3.6 5875.41
3 Gavin Trussell flying Supra 5606.57
4 Don Harris flying Radian and a Roc V tail 5556.08
5 Greg Bell flying BOB 5343.94
6 Bill Hoelcher flying Windfree XXL 5284.09
7 Ron Mong flying Scorpion 5119.23
8 Mark Groves flying MAXX 4312.93
9 Skye Malcolm flying Oly II S 4273.00
10 Jay Watkins flying Radian 4087.20
11 Bruce Herider flying Radian 4054.29
12 Skye Malcolm JR flying Radian 3858.43
13 Don Flemming flying Radian 3698.28
14 Gerald Babbart Flying Radian 3209.76
15 John Karnes flying Radian Pro 225.84

Notes: 1)Skye Sr took a zero flight score in round 6 for a low pass over the safety area
2)John Karnes flew one round only due to equipment problems

Hope to see every one back for MOSS ALES#2, Saturday May 18, 2013

Hopefully the work will get out and others will attend and join the fun.

Greg Bell

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