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Contest Report:

2016 MOSS ALES #3 - Saturday June 11, 2016

Who: AMA license required for pilots, spectators welcome
What: 2016 MOSS ALES #3
When: Saturday June 11, 2016, Pilot's meeting at 9:30 AM, First round starts shortly there after.
Where: DARTS field, 501 Yellow Springs Fairfield Rd, Fairborn, OH 45387
Why: To have fun!
Event Type: Altitude Limited Electric Soaring (ALES)
                      cutoff altitude = 150 meters, seeded man on man with landing points as bonus
Sponsor: Mid Ohio Soaring Society (MOSS) and Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers (DARTS)
Entry fee: none
Lunch provided: hot dogs, cookies and water, suggested donation = $8
Contest Director: Greg Bell

After the MOSS ALES #2 was weathered out last month, the troops were ripe to fly again. This time the venue was the DARTS field in Fairborn Ohio where 2 separate ALES contest were planed On Saturday June 11 and Sunday June 12, 2016 by the MOSS and DARTS clubs..

The MOSS club led off with MOSS ALES #3 on Saturday with Greg Bell at the helm doing the directing duties. Among his helpers were Jay Watkins, Skye Malcolm, Gil Perez, Mark Groves and Al Schmidt (launcher). Thanks guys!

The weather forecast was for temps in the 90s with brisk winds out of the West at 15-20 mph. 16 pilots mostly from the local Dayton / Columbus / Cincinnati areas chose to attend despite the forecast for high winds. Gordy Stahl made the trip from nearby Louisville and was the only out of state contestant. Both wind and temperature predictions came true but the day was surprisingly very flyable. Yes, the winds caused issues on landings, but after the first few rounds the pilots were finding ways to score some landing points. Indeed lift was abundant with many pilots finding lift throughout the day. While there were a few land outs and a few cases where the pilots motored up to avoid them, in general most of the pilots recorded official flight times by landing on the field.

Apples and bananas replaced the normal donuts and coffee and seemed to hit the spot for many of the contestants. It was on the hot side for coffee for sure! Greg Bell warned everyone to drink lots of fluids and many people sought the shelter of the shade under the grand old tree between flights.

Round one began with the first group having Ronnie Mong paired up with 3 Radians. An observer from the peanut gallery said something of the nature: "Look, it is Ronnie Mong vs. 3 Radians, I wonder who is going to win?". Well, in true model airplane fashion, all 3 of the Radians out lasted Ronnie in air time, however Ronnie was the only one in the group to score landing points with a landing score of 30. As the day unfolded Ronnie became the eventual winner, proof that one can work there way up in the standings.

We broke for lunch and Mark Groves cooked up hot dogs. Cookies and water rounded out the lunch .Everyone seemed glad to take a break from the flying, typical of these low key events.

On a personal note, I cart wheeled my AVA while attempting to make "one more circle" at low level with gusting high winds. The plane suffered a medium amount of damage as one wing tip was broke (the spar and D-box were broken but the wing tip otherwise remained attached). Some quick work with some wooden sticks and packing tape allowed me to fly the last two rounds. My take-away lesson learned was "Do not attempt to do low level turns with a RES sailplane in high winds".

In the last round of the contest, Skye's encountered a "pooper-bird" (that is the name we all came up with anyways) as the bird was chasing and seemingly attacking his sailplane during his flight. Upon landing, bird residue (purple from mulberries) was discovered on the horizontal tail (see picture below)

So, MOSS ALES #3 is in the books with a good time had by all!

The narrative of this page, the Results Summary table below and the detailed output from the ESL scoring program are for Saturday's MOSS ALES #3 contest. There is one set of pictures for both contests, they are shown on both Contest Reports.

Sunday's Contest Report for the DARTS June 12 ALES contest can be found HERE

Joe M


2016 MOSS ALES #3 Results Summary - (Saturday)

place   pilot score    percentage
1   Mong, Ron 6528.14 100.00
2   Andersen, Barry 6262.89 95.94
3   Stahl, Gordy 6251.69 95.77
4   Groves, Mark 5786.51 88.64
5   Malcolm, Skye 5778.74 88.52
6   Perez, Gilbert 5722.03 87.65
7   Shape, Jerry 5564.46 85.24
8   Youngen, Ted 4812.48 73.72
9   Basford, Larry 4702.17 72.03
10   Mekina, Joe 4535.22 69.47
11   Hoelcher, Bill 3901.12 59.76
12   Fleming, Don 3512.78 53.81
13   Bell, Greg 3272.19 50.12
14   Wiese, Paul 2618.00 40.10
15   Filkins, J D 519.13 7.95
16   Lueke, John 73.88 1.13


Here are the direct outputs with more details from the computerized ESL scoring program.

Standings as of round 1 - place order
Standings as of round 2 - place order
Standings as of round 3 - place order
Standings as of round 4 - place order
Standings as of round 5 - place order
Standings as of round 6 - place order
Standings as of round 7 - place order - FINAL RESULTS

Standings as of round 1 - group order
Standings as of round 2 - group order
Standings as of round 3 - group order
Standings as of round 4 - group order
Standings as of round 5 - group order
Standings as of round 6 - group order
Standings as of round 7 - group order

Pilot Report Cards


These are some of the pics taken at both the Saturday MOSS and Sunday DARTS contests. Only one group picture was taken on Saturday, however I tried to caputure pics on Sunday for those few who were not flying on Saturday.

These are screen viewable thumbnails, to view the high resolution picture, click on a thumbnail, then use your browsers back button to return to this page.

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