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Contest Report:

2016 MOSS ALES #5 - Saturday September 24, 2016

Who: AMA license required for pilots, spectators welcome
What: 2016 MOSS ALES #5
When: Saturday September 24, 2016, Pilot's meeting at 9:30 AM, First round starts shortly there after.
Where: DARTS field, 501 Yellow Springs Fairfield Rd, Fairborn, OH 45387
Why: To have fun!
Event Type: Altitude Limited Electric Soaring (ALES)
                      cutoff altitude = 150 meters, seeded man on man with landing points as bonus
Sponsor: Mid Ohio Soaring Society (MOSS)
Entry fee: none
Lunch provided: hot dogs, cookies and water, suggested donation = $8
Contest Director: Greg Bell

This was the 5th in the MOSS ALES series for 2016

Fun was had by all!


Beautiful Weather! A great day for flying sailplanes for sure. The day started with overcast skies, with a low cloud deck. Several people put up test flights prior to the start of the contest and they found that the cloud deck was right about at the 150 meter cutoff altitude. Conditions however improved dramatically during the pilot's meeting and by the time we got underway at about 10:00 the low cloud deck was never and issue.

Winds were light and out of the North North-East eventually becoming almost due North. Temps were in the mid 80's but the overcast skies made it feel cooler. The skies cleared for the last round about 3:00 PM and the radiant sun actually felt good, one final time before the cooler temperatures of Fall set in.

16 pilots flew 6 rounds in three flight groups

Greg Bell, the Contest Director for the day called for 7 minute maxes for the first round. The lift in round 1 was light but it was enough for 12 of the 16 pilots to make time.

A 9 minute max was called for rounds 2-9. In round 2, the 9 minute max proved to be more difficult as only 5 out of the 16 pilots made the max.

Light lift conditions continued throughout the day as Round 3 saw only 6 out of 16 making time, round 4 only 4 of 16, round 5 only 4 of 16. The last round sporting clear skies proved to be the best with 9 out of the 16 pilots making time. This pretty much said that 9 minute maxes was the right call for the day. Good call Greg!

Gordy Stahl flew expertly, winning 5 of his 6 flight groups on time. He also landed great, making landing scores of 50, 50, 45, 50, 40, and 50 for an average of 47.5 points per landing! Good flying Gordy.

Pretty much everyone had a moment of glory, on way or another, with applause from the pits when someone stayed up for the max time while burring the others in his group, a good save on a ow flight, or hitting an great landing.

Thanks to all who helped, Greg, Jay and Ron for scoring, Al for launching us for all 6 rounds and Mark Groves for cooking the hot dogs at lunch and providing the awards. And of course to the 16 pilots who flew. Last but not least, thanks Norm for opening up the restrooms, they are great to have at our disposal (pun intended)

So this one is in the books, great weather great flying and mostly great Fun!

Joe M

The narrative of this page, the Results Summary table below and the detailed output from the ESL scoring program are for Saturday's 2016 MOSS ALES #5 contest.

Sunday's Contest Report for the 2016 DARTS September 25 ALES contest can be found HERE

Joe M


2016 MOSS ALES #5 Results Summary

place   pilot score    percentage
1   Stahl, Gordy 6014.94 100.00
2   Mong, Ron 5804.58 96.50
3   Mekina, Joe 5733.78 95.33
4   Anderson, Barry 5537.02 92.05
5   Perez, Gilbert 5500.12 91.44
6   Myers, Dan 5442.07 90.48
7   Marcum, Mark 5349.46 88.94
8   Harris, Don 5113.61 85.02
9   Watkins, Jay 5044.21 83.86
10   Hoelcher, Bill 5005.93 83.22
11   Youngen, Ted 4961.15 82.48
12   Groves, Mark 4906.64 81.57
13   Bell, Greg 4430.51 73.66
14   Wiese, Paul 3450.13 57.36
15   Filkins, JD 3357.96 55.83
16   Fleming, Don 3303.03 54.91


Here are the direct outputs with more details from the computerized ESL scoring program.

Standings as of round 1 - place order
Standings as of round 2 - place order
Standings as of round 3 - place order
Standings as of round 4 - place order
Standings as of round 5 - place order
Standings as of round 6 - place order - FINAL RESULTS

Standings as of round 1 - group order
Standings as of round 2 - group order
Standings as of round 3 - group order
Standings as of round 4 - group order
Standings as of round 5 - group order
Standings as of round 6 - group order

Pilot Report Cards


At this point, I only posted the one group shot off my el-cheapo point and shoot camera in order to get this page up in a timely manner. I will pick another set from Gil's digital SLR camera that he posted on Flicker, perhaps do a bit of Photshopping, and the like and put them here on this site for presentation with this contest report.

Here are links to Gil's Flicker pages where all of the raw pictures for both Saturday and Sunday are located. There you can directly view the raw pictures shot with Gil's camera.

Saturday's pictures: (81 pictures)

Saturday's pictures: (52 pictures)

Below are screen viewable thumbnails, to view the corresponding high resolution picture, click on a thumbnail, then use your browsers back button to return to this page.

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