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Contest Report:

2017 MOSS ALES #7 - Saturday October 7, 2017

Who: AMA license and FAA SUAS registration required for pilots, spectators welcome
What: 2017 MOSS ALES #7
When: Saturday October 7, 2017, Pilot's meeting at 9:30 AM, First round starts shortly there after.
Where: Ohio Willow Wood (OWW), 15441 Scioto Darby Road, Mt. Sterling, Ohio 43143
Why: To have fun!
Event Type: Altitude Limited Electric Soaring (ALES) - AMA Event 463
                      cutoff altitude = 150 meters
                      seeded man on man scoring with landing points added as bonus
                      see the AMA website (www.modelaircraft.org) for a complete set of rules or click HERE
Sponsor: Mid Ohio Soaring Society (MOSS)
Entry fee: none
Lunch provided: hot dogs, cookies and water, suggested donation = $10
Contest Director: TBD

This was the 7th and final in a series of 7 MOSS ALES contests for 2017

The weatherman was predicting high winds, and he was correct
The winds were blowing 10-15 MPH at the starting time of about 9:30 AM, and they increaded as the day went on.

The battle cry in the online forums prior to the contest was "Keep the AVA's in the garage and bust out the ballast, it's going to be a wild ride"
This turned out to be somewhat true, at least as far as it being a wild ride, however Tom Boice took 2nd place with an AVA, congrarats to Tom.
we got in 4 rounds, and broke for lunch, many people knowing they would not vote to fly any more after lunch and we did not.

At times, the winds were so high that a few pilots were worrying that the lawn chairs were going to blow over onto their sailplanes as the winds were every bit of 15-25 with gusts exceeding those numbers at times

Jerry Shape bested everyone not only showing us how to soar in the wind, but also in hitting some good landings. The wind gusts were so great that on one of his flights, the wind almost flipped his sailplane while nearing the landing tape, yet Jerry managed to get it back on track and scored landing points. Well done Jerry!
As mentioned above, Tome Boice follwoed in 2nd with an AVA and Don Harris came in 3rd.

Thanks to Jay Watkins for scoring, Greg Bell for officiating, Al Schmidt for starting the groups and Mark Groves for grilling the hot dogs.


2017 MOSS ALES #7 Results Summary:

place   pilot score    percentage
1   Shape, Jerry 3763.48 100.00
2   Boice, Tom 3597.54 95.59
3   Harris, Don 3503.43 93.09
4   Perez, Gilbert 3486.62 92.64
5   Malcolm, Skye 3357.73 89.22
6   Filkins, JD 3260.87 86.65
7   Hoelcher, Bil 3208.96 85.27
8   Groves, Mark 3190.47 84.77
9   Wrinkle, David 3039.31 80.76
10   Bell, Greg 3006.45 79.88
11   Youngen, Ted 2910.90 77.35
12   Mekina, Joe 2858.49 75.95
13   Davidson, Kenneth 2417.51 64.24
14   Mong, Ron 1000.00 26.57
15   Wiese, Paul 0.00 0.00


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